This is like an answer to the questions about the election, questions like "How can they get away with this?" and "How can anyone vote for a Democrat?" It's because there's almost no thinking going on. At all. No independent thought, no free thought. Just obedience. A perfect target for Chinese communists. Nice job, America. The dumb kids in class finally got what they wanted.

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It certainly is a strange time to be alive. I find much of it fascinating. I wonder what it's leading up to. I wonder what they will write about us 100 years from now. Was there some kind of collective delusion? Did America finally melt down under the weight of its contradictions? It depends on how you answer the question, "What's going on". How do you answer that question in a country as big and weird as America? By watching TV? Reading the newspaper? Chatting on Facebook? Looking out the window? How do you get a Grand Canyon vista of reality? How do you assess the situation? Three commentators in the Winter 2020/2021 Claremont Review fell back on numbers. Not just any numbers: dubious stats like "approval rating" given to us by dubious sources like Gallup, The Atlantic, and CNN. Republicans go to great lengths to tell us the media is biased—and then they go ahead and use those sources. Why? As for Clinton, Fauci, etc, obviously they are liars. Why are you taking the words of liars seriously? It's like a doctor telling you every week that smoking is bad for you. Why are so many Republicans content to show repeatedly that these people are liars? I know that already. I've known for decades. Why don't you do something about it? It’s like running to the teacher about the kids who are cheating. Eventually, the teacher doesn't want to be bothered, and the other kids dismiss you as a snitch. Yes, it's unfair. Now what?

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One of my recent favs is...

A certain airline CEO saying “showing an ID to vote is racist” but showing an ID to get on an airplane is not. Another, showing an ID to buy a cell phone or thumb print to log in a computer.

I use to think to be a CEO one had to have so brains. Now, I think they’re picked by how dumb and easily manipulated. This again sounds familiar...

Bill Clinton’s real name is William Jefferson Blythe. Don’t see it mentioned much anymore. He gave us the post-modernism “is”!!!

Should check out the Fauchi love letter to the side of beef in Wikileaks. Compare his AIDS panic and the current wear of 10 masks to see if he’s any kind of real doctor...

The PR and Comms people are who shape these messages. Do we think many of the public deliverers have their own ideas? What’s the goal? Who is their intended audience? Are they really speaking for themselves?

I believe many people take advantage of confusion, instability, and let’s add volatility in markets...No one would ever do that though... Especially people who think they are the new feudal lords.

More wars to not win, just to kill and maim our best, end friendships, and encourage enemies. Last I checked nobody voted for that either...

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