The Widening Reality-Narrative Rift

The elite can't help but push the envelope

The theme of revealing hidden things is common to dark mystical rites associated with demon-worship. Not to impugn any Masons in the readership, but a ritual of Freemasony supposedly called “Making Manifest that which is Hidden” sounds rich with relevance to what’s going on today, as the regime becomes ever more bold in revealing its true face to the world. 

As our masters gather their robes of power around them, they probe the limits of what they can plausibly get away with. As such, we see increasingly tests of the credulity of the public—or rather, the suspended credulity. “How far,” the regime muses, “can we push the contradictions between our words and deeds before the edifice crumbles?” The answer appears to be that they have a way to go before people start calling them out on their lies. 

For instance, last week Kamala Harris officiated over a webcast discussing “empowering women and girls.” Sounds like par-for-the-course stuff for a Democrat Vice-President. Except the event was co-sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, and featured noted woman-and-girl empowering former-president Bill Clinton. Clinton, as you may recall, not only was proven to have ejaculated on an intern while in office, but has been credibly accused of rape by multiple women. The former chief executive also took multiple private airplane trips with his friend and well-known advocate for girls’ empowerment Jeffrey Epstein. 

The shamelessness of the Harris-Clinton webcast (though it is good to hear that the Clinton Foundation is still doing… whatever it does) was matched by a remark by Anthony Fauci about the origins of the novel coronavirus, which has cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars. Responding to a report that Robert Redfield, the former director of the CDC, had suggested that the virus had plausibly leaked from a Wuhan-based laboratory that was known to conduct advanced research on bat coronaviruses, Fauci waved off the suggestion as an “opinion.” More likely, he explained, “the alternative explanation … is that this virus was actually circulating in China, likely in Wuhan, for a month or more before they were clinically recognized at the end of December 2019.”  

In other words, it’s not that the virus was cooked up in a lab and accidentally (or non-accidentally) released. It’s just that the virus was “circulating” for a little while before it was “clinically recognized.” This answer is completely beside the point. Indeed, everyone agrees that the virus was doubtlessly circulating in Wuhan before anyone noticed it—you don’t need a specialist in infectious disease to come up with that answer. But the media swallowed this stodgy bait and leapt into the Narrative’s net with it.  

We are witnessing bigger and bigger lies being told every day. When Trump was president, literally every word he said was scrutinized for its truth value and judged to be mendacious, and the Politifact Lie Counter clicked up another two or three thousand each day. But when Joe Biden says he never invited Central American migrants to come here, even though he quite literally did, promising a “surge” of illegal immigrants as soon as he took office, the media only engages in a conversation regarding whether what’s happening on the border constitutes a “crisis,” an “emergency,” or demands a “humanitarian response.” 

As the regime nears its vaunted 100th day, with plans for another multi-trillion dollar spending bill, additional mask mandates even as the virus abates, and whispers of new wars to be waged, expect reality to be further out of sync with what you hear on television. That’s where we’re going.