So segregation returns to America. What innovation ! What Progress ! What axxx holes !

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Warlord is still a job title in lots of countries...High risk and high reward. They might play polo with their prior Warlords head but no pressure.

Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Europe, and many other vacation super duper’s all still have tribal warfare going on since forever. I’m sure glad we haven’t interfered with any of these conflicts...They would never hold grudges. Right?

Wait till we get “Friendship Gulags” here for training of the unclean. They will empower us!

Like our bodies, machines, and houses, if they aren’t maintained rot and rust come calling. Adversarial countries would never take advantage of a country’s people who lack confidence and go for power or revenge so I’ve been told. That would be brain freeze conspiracy stuff to believe that though.

All of these people parroting the racist anti racist trope all go to the same class or something? It’s almost like there’s people paying or organizing them.

Also, today is Earth Day. Composting ex-lovers in anger like the founder of Earth Day is bad. We have enough communist holidays I think.

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Bias based on skin color is RACISM

Simple fact

I will NOT teach my children or the next gens that “JUSTIFIED RACISM” in ANY form or fashion is okay.


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