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I agree it's true that Trump is a consequence of the NeverTrumper's and "principled conservatives" but I disagree with the reasons.

Trump was the logical result of the contradictory attempt to reconcile rights-protecting government and capitalism with the mystical collectivism of religion.

The former requires reason and knowledge to understand political theory, the latter just mindless tribalism.

One of these was always going to have to give way to the other and that's what Trump exploited. The conservative movement is now full tribal, in many ways more left wing than many of today's progressives and there's no going back.

For conservatives to realize this and reject mysticism in favor of reason would be to end conservatism.

A nationalist and statist like Trump is just the next step in the implosion of the ideologically bankrupt NeverTrumpers and all their superficial, harebrained, school-child-level political "ideas."

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