A sign you are criminalizing politics is when the circle containing your political opponents and the circle containing enemies of the state are the same in a Venn diagram.

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Thank God for the Young Heretics podcast which lead me to the Claremont Review of Books, the American Mind, and its podcast. I have the Strauss Book mentioned and a few Jaffa books. It's a great pleasure to read an article of such profound insights with these Strauss and Jaffa references and understand the points being made. We need to wake up without going woke and we need to fight these leftist ideologies that foster division and racial animus.

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Like frogs slowly boiling to death in the cesspools that have become our college campuses, our nations youth collectively embrace the ideology that will destroy them while demanding that they be “protected” from opinions that run contrary to their beliefs.

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Yuri Besmenov was spot on in 1983 /84. Welcome to the latest Communist revolution from within and without the US (Israel)—a process of multiple movements on multiple fronts. Demoralization. (Indoctrination for decades take over of media and cultural institutions.)Destabilization. (divide and conquer via Marxist street thugs like BLM/Antifa, CRT, etc.) Chaos/Crisis (zero growth, currency devaluation, hyperinflation), and finally “ normalization” (where the regime and deep state are fully realized and in place with the support of a nationalized police force/military complex.) The individual and liberty slayed. Totalitarian rule. PUSH BACK. GIVE ‘EM HELL. FIGHT TO THE DEATH IF NEED BE. THIS IS WAR make no mistake about it and know the enemy.

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I agree and both Strauss and Jaffa were right.

A good start might be red state legislature’s enforcing the 10th Amendment for example. Arrest Feds who break it. Make like the “The Kingfish” Huey Long. There was a reason this guy had that name. Can Feds break state laws? Is that ok?

Vax Passports are the gateway into real tyranny. I would question anyone who minimizes this or just sees it as some new money making parasite. It will go from vaccines mainly this one, to medical records, religion, social credit…How can it not? Full ban should be implemented on vax passports and start suing companies who mandate. No exceptions.

CRT is anti-white, anti-human, and anti-American. Should be stopped from state, county, and grassroots levels. It is a very real poison that will ruin every American no matter their skin color or gender. It promotes no virtue, no excellence, and no value. It is just hate re-wrapped. Foreign adversaries will exploit this if it’s not already going on.

Got a full slate of things. But that’s why we’re here.

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Nothing has been imposed upon us. We (meaning the American people generally, our collective will being expressed in our representatives' decisions) have voluntarily surrendered our ideals and their foundation in natural law. It's nothing very profound or difficult to grasp. When we refuse to stand up for God against the naked emperor of modern scientism (upon which all the subordinate modern "isms" are based), there is only one result there can be. Nobody needs Harry Jaffa to tell them that.

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Excellent observation in noticing that Politically Correct Progressivism (PC-Prog) has a link to our Cold War adversary, but is NOT Marxist.

The PC-Progressive belief system resulted from the Comintern's operation to destroy Normal-American culture. They believed the op would take a few years--that the American proletariat would rise up and sweep away the American culture and political system. When that happened, the Comintern was prepared to step in and install a Bolshevik ruler.

See full details of the op, the operators, and the results: www.willingaccomplices.com

Well, their miscalculation in timing was their only mistake. Instead of 4 years, their op took 100 years to bear ripe fruit. Their calculation was so wrong, the Bolsheviks, Comintern, and USSR were gone for 30 years by the time of the successful destruction of Normal American culture.

It's sort of like a massive landmine, lost on the battlefield, exploding 100 years after the war is over, and everyone's forgotten what the war was about. Someone will step in and exploit the damage caused.

That's exactly what we see now. The delayed destruction of Normal America provides an opportunity for exploitation. We've yet to see who will have the gumption and wherewithal to take advantage of the vacuum.

Will the Globalist neocons lash-up with the PC-Progs for a vile anti-Normal coalition of hatred and forever war for their foreign masters?

Will Normal American Boudicca rise up to lead Normals in a rout of the anti-Normals?

Will Normals sink into a morass of self-hatred and continue the slow cultural suicide PC-Prog messaging began?

Will a new Jim Jones emerge, preaching some version of "Love All," and create a new Jonestown?

There's lots of ways this could go. America's cultural body is like a human body ravaged by AIDS--our immune system has turned against itself. It's being destroyed from within. Without a Normal immune system, of pride in heritage and tradition, the body is susceptible to opportunistic infections. Many sick and demented infections spread through the body, ravaging it, attacking normal culture, heritage, and tradition.

On the other hand, it is possible for our cultural immune system to cleanse itself of the auto-immune suicidal infection. That would take a wide-spread recognition of what PC-Progism is, where it came from, and its beliefs. If that light were to be illuminated, wiping out the infection would be pretty easy.

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Actually, the Saudis won the Cold War for us! This startling thesis by a Russian was published in Russia in 2007; I read much of it on-line back then. The thesis is that while the US was gradually being hamstrung into weakness by sympathetic pro-Soviet types in the US, the Saudis were viewing a Soviet Union and Communist Bloc not so slowly muscling in against them. However, the Soviets had made a basic mistake under Stalin ca. 1928-9--the collectivization of agriculture; basically Soviet Russia could barely feed itself. Eventually by the 1960's the Soviets were relying on purchases from the West to survive--and to do this the Soviets needed hard currencies.

Sales of resources were the key to earning hard currencies--this was why the Soviets (and later Putin) wanted gas pipelines to Europe; the CIA had recognized this by 1980 and now you know why the US fought so long against such a pipeline until Biden removed all US opposition.

Now the Saudis made their recognition of this pattern. To save themselves from the Soviets the Saudis made the decision on September 13, 1985 to crash the world price of energy (oil) by opening the spigot. Within five years the Soviet Bloc and State had crashed--despite attempts by the US Congress and White House to prop up the Soviet State.

Just some background on the end of the Cold War. Remember it was a Russian publishing this in 2007--he had had access to Poliburo minutes and some Saudi sources. I consider it genuine. I remember those days--many in the US by the late 1980's were no longer anti-Soviet.

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The founding fathers gave Americans the second amendment for a reason and that reason is rapidly approaching.

Violence or revolution is card 100 outta 100, but we’re running out of cards.

At card 50, Americans are going to have to remember a very old American saying; “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”!

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We had communists contained. Then the wall came down.

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https://dcfpress.com/operation-virus-the-delivering-of-covid-chaos-and-communism-to-the-united-states-the-world/ [free download]

The large scale objective has been shown to us all. The question is: are we able to respond?

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"Within the law" - laws can be changed...

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“Within the law - Plan, act, and organize accordingly”… And how do you suggest we go about that? By changing the minds of those actively working to destroy us? Who controls these universities? Who controls these media institutions saturating us with Commintern propaganda? Who controls the financial institutions so eager to remind our corporations that they can play ball or lose access to capital.

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@RpwWilliams Way to call a spade a spade! Am glad you're happy admitting to a proud white supremacist. Just not clear why you think anyone cares.

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