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This is the most useful and promising article I have seen in a while. We need to create an online platform to enable people to find the like-minded on a precinct-level. Share ideas. Secure and encrypted comms. Much like Seb Gorka was discussing with Raheem Kassam the other day.

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Agreed. It is long past time for "patriots" (supporters of the constitution and "Americanism") to rally 'round the flag and make our final stand. We have been asleep, and while we slept peacefully wrapped in the belief that America stood for truth, justice and the American way, usurpers have robbed us of our rights, property, and worst of all, our courage to act.

In 1956 Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within....” And they have. Just as Khrushchev predicted, the neo-Marxists have dripped poison in our ears through education, entertainment and "news."

The majority of young people today support socialism, not as a political ideology, but because they believe they can get something for nothing. That that fact that someone else has more than they do is a social "injustice" and just by being alive, they deserve their "fair share" of someone else's earnings. ("To each according to their needs.")

We need a modern day Paul Revere to ride through the streets and scream "the fascists are coming!" And then HOPE there are some patriots left who are ready, able and willing to answer the call.

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Your most powerful and influential allies will be needed, and if they’re so far unable to adapt, your best-spent energy will be used in bringing them along for the fight.

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So far, prologue and more prologue. No concrete proposals. It seems to be a conservative disease: vague, feckless argument like scholastic philosophers attacking obscure theological points (how many angels fit on the head of a pin) and no real-world solutions. Just talk. Why was a blowhard, hustler, huckster like Donald Trump able to capture the entire imagination of the Republican Party and significant slices of the Democrat (read mafia) party? He offered real solutions, real policies, real programs and acted on them. The difference is that the Dems are the do-anything party and the GOP is the do-nothing party. Actually doing something was and is a totally foreign thought to the then country club Republican Party. And the redux of that party is in charge now. While the Dems were plundering and perverting the electoral system in plain sight, what did the GOP do? Complain. Just complain. So the election was stolen. Forget about preaching to the choir, do something concrete like suing the universities for betraying the trust we put in them for educating our children, create comic book pamphlets to airdrop on students unfortunate enough to go to these ridiculous institutions (I'm trying to raise money to do exactly that, any takers?) Pressure these corporations who have forged a fascistic bond with Democrats with boycotts. Corporate "Wokeness" is simply a distraction from their biggest fear: class warfare. Transferring American jobs to China, importing low-wage Latinos to lower the wage base. Edward Luttwak calls it Turbo-Capitalism, it's not business in the Adam Smith sense, but fascism. State guaranteed monopoly. The Dems are not Socialists any more than the CCP is socialist. Deng Xiao-ping changed the game. The Nazis forged alliances with corporations and the military. That's how they got total power. Know who you are fighting. The corporations have one God: profits, at any cost for any social and civic price. Organize. Organize. Organize.

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I am so happy to see someone propose some strategies for combating the woke movement. My own approach revolves around a few observations. First, that we need to speak to the washed where they are in a language they can accept- high sounding phrases will not do. Second, we need be clear, which means fairly uniform in language, approach, and ideology. I think the best ideological base is constitutional principles and free market economics, both of which can be easily understood and proven to work. Third, we cannot depend on the GOP or the political class in general to carry the message. These are the very people who got us into this mess in the first place. Fourth, let's label the opposing ideology for what it is, not simply socialism, but FASCISM that seeks to control and manipulate rather than support and promote. Today's tactics for silencing dissent are reminiscent of 1930s Germany and should be labeled as such. Fifth, we must understand that these issues are too important NOT to talk about- at home, in the restaurant, at church, everywhere we meet other Americans. Thank you Mr. Peterson.

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Most of what is going on is a national security issue... Should be approached as such. America has a people, culture, and a place and are all worth defending.

Over half of the nation’s populace live in states where Republicans control all three branches. 137M in Republican states to 120M people in Democrat with 71M in some sort of split government. “They” know this...

Those states should immediately secure voting. No internet machines. No harvesting. Impeach or whatever Secs of State who don’t comply. One citizen, one ballot, one vote.

- Texas should activate their Guard and take volunteers to plug the Border. No one gets in. Sanctuary cities taught us federal laws don’t matter. Arizona should do same. Coyotes and Cartel members should be dealt with harshly. They need to be incentivized to not continue.

Republican led legislatures with Dem governors should veto any bills and look to impeach the Dem governor. Don’t need a reason; that’s what the sociopaths have taught everyone.

Red states should do whatever is necessary to agitate blue states. This includes resources blue states use from red states.

Red states should block the various fascist social media platform IP addresses if possible.

This should get peoples attention...

Message should be ‘freedom is everything in this country and it’s supposed to be for everyone.’

Communications can be old school...Shouldn’t shrug this off.

People need training in how to engage in conversations with confidence.

None of this should be about money. It’s for our families and way of life. Political parties do not matter. (Lots of good people who are Dems who care about our country in the right way.)

That’s all I could come up with in short notice.

I love our country. Dig in and never give up; you are not alone.

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I don’t see the possibility of two completely disparate ideologies: todays Communist left comprising the Democrat Party and the Conservative / Libertarian supporter of the Constitutional Republic, uniting under a single governance. There is no chance of unity. A separation is necessary for those who refuse to accept a totalitarian, one party society. The future of individual liberty is at stake and plans for succession need to be addressed. Our capital in DC is covered in razor wire. The non-woke need to wake up.

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The fabric of civil society has developed over the centuries, is based upon consensus, and serves society through stability and predictability. By nature, since it serves the good of its members, it tends to be self-healing.

Unfortunately, today's socialists are achieving a certain degree of success in tearing apart the very fabric that has served those who choose to accept the responsibility of being participating members.

The majority of Americans do not want our social fabric torn asunder. That same majority does not want the uncertainty and destruction that would follow. I sincerely hope that your decision to go in this direction provides us with another unifying voice and vision that will embolden us to rise up and defeat the evil that assails us. May God bless your efforts, and may God's hand of protection be upon you!

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De-atomization is crucial. People are very lonely now, and feel as if they are less powerful because they have few connections with others. Online groups are crucial, yes, but they're virtual. Somehow there needs to a transition to the real - the bowling clubs and civic instutitions of old. I'm part of a women in business group that meets monthly and it is extremely fruitful. It has been very successful, for instance, in convincing members who would otherwise be supportive of the covid lockdowns, that those policies have negatively impacted their friends/restaurant owners in the group.

I'm reading Harry Potter with one of my children (late to the party, I know, but I love banned books). Voldemort's initial strategy to weaken Harry is to convince him that he is alone, that everyone is against him and that evil does not exist. Harry is distressed and angry until Ron and Hermione assemble a group of students to listen to Harry and hear his warnings about the coming war. He is convincing enough that the young wizards assemble a secret society to learn how to fight dark magic. They find reward and solace in this group.

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Very well said. This should absolutely be the goal. Engaging the folks who are so entrenched in the woke culture and helping them to see the REAL America and all that if offers to those who are willing to embrace her. This movement needs to reach out beyond the already converted and avoid becoming just another right wing echo chamber.

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Remember what Churchill said, which is to never ever, ever give up fighting. Many great suggestions below but we have much blood, sweat, and tears to shed coming as the fascists have taken over almost all institutions, much like they did in Germany after the '33 elections. Two-thirds of Germans voted against the Nazis but were disorganized, plus the Nazis were completely ruthless in ferreting out those who opposed them. We must support those who have our beliefs, remove those who are "weak sister" from our movement, take the fight to the Dems, and pray.

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Put the podcast on apple podcasts and an RSS feed. Good work!

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The problem is Leftists (read: progressives), leftism, media & political parties out of control. The American institutions are under their control. First we have to identify the disease! More of us must see this sickness and work to heal it.

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