Certainly no one in their right mind would pay money for anymore the kind of drivel and in group gossip and giggling brought to you by Klaven and Claremont at this site.

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Establishment is a business. Everyone else just wants to live unmolested or abused. One of the causes of vitriol.

Establishment example, the human trafficking(importing) policy into the US. This includes “illegal immigration”, importing of “refugees”, and visa programs. All create economic growth and political power. All of this is a huge national security risk but meh! Really, a foreign enemy just needs to fund a pac, donate to the right people, organize a “caravan” of foreigners, threaten or promise them something, and with some PFM they have an army. Nothing could go wrong! Everyone loves money! Business.

Normals in America just want to live their lives in security and relative safety. They don’t want their jobs constantly threatened by neo-slavery. They don’t want the crime. They want people to want to be Americans and not just enjoy the fruits. They all know the human trafficking policy is the end. Going to guess since the Western world establishment current loves importing and trafficking third worlders this might have something to do with birth rates. Safety is kind of a thing. Self loathing and fear might lead to less babies? This all has to do with living. Home.

We need actual leaders. One of the problems with the Normals wanting home is they want someone else to secure it. They can’t, won’t, etc... Law makers who don’t write laws but sell fantasy and sign transgressive policies are not leaders. They’re just bag men.

We need actual hero’s. Not LARPer’s, not salesmen, not carpet baggers. Seriously, who didn’t think Clint Eastwood spitting chew on the carpet bagger in “”Outlaw Josey Wales” wasn’t awesome? That’s why anytime someone takes up battle with the leviathan many get invested. Their homes are threatened and need a defender. Why criticizing POTUS, Powell, etc...brings the pain.

Guessing the word “fraud” is getting used in legal terms. Hence, no fraud. Can’t be fraudulent if laws and rules are changed to allow counting of whatever. Changed the rules to play be the rules! Would we have this if people stood in line, showed ID, filled out ballot, and have machine or human not connected to the internet count the vote? Guess state governments don’t care about national security, but then again they prove this daily.

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