TikTok is a fun, creative way to share your life with others. I'm not sure how different it really is from other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. But for me, the real joy of TikTok is that it's so much easier to use than Snapchat! My favourite thing about using TikTok can dress up my videos with all kinds of filters and effects. What do you think? Also, please visit my blog,  https://rpo.techfetch.com/ .

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Nothing to worry about! I'm sure TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese company that includes Chinese Communist Party members in leadership, would never surreptitiously vacuum up and transfer to servers in China vast quantities of private and personally-identifiable user data on Americans. Nothing to see here. Move along now!

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You admit that I was right about Red Friggin' China, but, I'm still waiting for an apology...

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What do we need from China? I know that TikTok or whatever it’s called is not needed in anyway for flourishing or living. Another Intel collection program…

The junk we say we need we don’t really need?

Slaves will always be cheaper. That’s why China uses them and popular for manufacturing. They also get a leadership class that’s willing to stomp their poor if they get out of line. Nike the new Confederates!

I know China needs our food…

How’s England’s relationship with China? When did they get in with them? About same time or before?

Communism is truly evil but yet ok to do business with them! It’s only evil sometimes!

Consumerism, the false GDP metric, and debt. This is our vamp economy and sounds like a one way ticket.

Do you guys remember when China was founded in Judeo Christian values and some guys who knew Anglo Saxon law wanted to self govern? Maybe they aren’t the same?

Decouple from China. Protect our hemisphere and defend our actual border. Build for space (this is Main Street!) and the heavens! This is the way!

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