What ever happened to "live and let live." I marvel at how everyone so willingly airs his and her (these ARE correct pronouns!)laundry in public. So sad.

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Having children is life and staying alive. Families and cultures continue by having children.

People who are older that don’t have children usually have lots of pets and treat them like humans. Why? Lives not fulfilled?

Knowing women are capable and smart. Why did big biz want women in the work force? Like everything else to keep wages lower. But the “equality” trope will be parroted. They will be correct, in that we will all be equally owned by some company. Marketing is amazing!

Going to a corporate job is more soul sucking then living. It’s living for something else in many cases.

Don’t need much money to raise children to be great adults. Contrary to popular opinion. Necessities yes! The materialistic side is stuff that really is not that important and hangs people up. That is the intent though?

A plan for children is to treat them as children while simultaneously building their foundations to be a great adult. To continue the family and culture and have more successes then failures.

Trying to control everything is living in fear. Control what you can control and live in confidence. Nothing is is or going to be perfect. Failures will be common and successes all the sweeter. Bring it on!

Not having kids is the end of the line. I am rooting for all of you!

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