I think of actors like this...


Lee Marvin (Purple Heart winner and buried in Arlington)

Jimmy Stewart( Pilot, war veteran)

Charles Bronson ( Veteran, and believed actually worked in a coal mine)

Audie Murphy ( I believe the most decorated soldier ever)


Who cares?

Doesn’t help today’s writing is bad and most of it boring.

Can do same with actresses.

They pretend to be other people for a living. Sometimes I think this latest generation of actors whole lives are pretend. Like the awards shows.

Just watched “Shane” and in middle of watching “Chinatown”. 3D movies without the glasses...

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One can't help but wonder whether movie houses would've been shutting down sans covid. How long are we supposed to be willing to pay a group of people who are preoccupied with their own self-importance? Guess who.

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There is no greater example of pathetic scared narcissistic sheeple than those of Hollywood. Completely out of touch with any reality except greed. I should know. Film school grad. Lived and worked in LA for enough years to know and got the Hell out. NOW THAT WOULD BE ONE HELL OF A MOVIE.

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