Conspiracies are the norm when wrong doing occurs. Let’s use the entitled actors who paid people to get their not so bright kids into colleges and scholarship programs as one example. All were charged with conspiring to whatever.

Another example, Michael “I had a secret dog fighting ring but didn’t know dog fighting was illegal” Vick. Him and his friends ran a gambling ring for dog fights and electrocuted poor performers. Another conspiracy with no theory required.

Drug dealing rings and gangs are conspirators last I checked.

People pouring in. Nobody voted for mass importation of people besides the politicians who don’t represent their constituents, except their big money donors.

Some examples,

Guymon, OK=Somalia

Liberal, KS=El Salvador

Can drive through and see...

Talk to some truckers. Don’t need the internet.

Arizona should audit when Sinema won as well. Votes counting for days and if I remember right for weeks. Probably too late now. Nothing to see here!

Everyone should be for audits. The more they push back the more they look like stuff is getting hidden. This is the wrong way to handle stuff but then these people are not leaders just people with bs titles. Want the rot fixed? This is part of it. Not auditing or discrediting valid concerns probably not a galaxy brain choice. The “winners” should want the audit but nah.

Harvesting, absentee, mail in, machines hooked up to the internet, no ID, No one would ever cheat at politics!!!

While not in this clip but another conspiracy “theory”. Some believe or should say “know” that certain vaccines cause autism in children and other harmful effects. There is an entire federal court dedicated to lawsuits against pharma. Of course bring this up and can guess what happens...

No talking allowed unless approved by regime media, wearing 25 masks, and stamps of approval by the eunuchbots at Fakebook.

Trickle down tyranny for all

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Conspiracy laws and conspiracy theories exist because...conspiracies exist. They are of course hard to prove in a court of law, but they certainly exist. It's interesting how calling someone a "conspiracy theorist" has become a huge put-down, yet another sharp tool and effective weapon for dismissing someone, but this is how the Dummycrats, the radicals, and the press operate. They are expert propagandists. That means they are masters at manipulation language—and people. But is it really a secret? We know who is causing the problems. We know their names, so why can't we do something about them? Soros, Laurene Jobs, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi. Republicans need to hire public relations firms to combat these techniques. They need to read Saul Alinsky and David Horowitz. And drop the goody two shoes act. In the words of Mae West, goodness has nothing to do with it. When did "niceness" become the default virtue in politics or anywhere else? Recall Jordan Peterson: "Nice isn't something I advise my patients to become."

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