Here is an article that I can not only identify with, but find it factual and truthtelling at its best. Thank you. More than a half century ago I was the first person in my family to go to and graduate from a University. It made my parents and the rest of the family proud. I did learn a lot of history and philosophy to a depth I would not have otherwise explored and at times that learning has made my "problem solving" efforts more complete and longer lasting. What I learned about business was more limited, and if I had not been aware, would have made me the poster child of that young person who knows just enough as to make them dangerous if left to their own devices. But at that time in America, businesses and Corporations took pride in hiring cvollege graduates under the illusion that such people had shown an ability to learn, the discipline to employ a longer attention span than the average bear and to question multiple sides of any matter. That no longer exists, as the article properly points out. And in talking with foliks still in private business, most now look to hire people who show an ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing, problems solve, and take direction and training; they prefer people with no previous experience in their particular business who are willing to learn from the bottom so that they serve the needs of that business first and refrain from abandoning the profit motive in favor of ideological persuits. From my grandchildren I have learned that todays elite Universitities are centers of indoctrination, closedmindedness, and punishment of those who "don't get with the program." Think: combination of "Lord of the Flies" and "1984." One grandson has abandoned a full ride at Harvard in favor of working with a start-up company. The challenges are greater, the minds are more open, and there is a search for excellence...all things that no longer exist in "higher" (a one word oxymoron) education. Any person of any means who still donates to a University or College is financing the destruction of intelligence, education as well as our Republic. If we all refuse to donate, and vote politicians in who refuse to fund the inflated cost of Colleges' non-performance with student loans, there will have to be a return to offering a proven product that IMPROVES each student's life. Presently, it helps to destroy their future by putting them in debt for a deadening of their intellectual prowess.

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Writing like this is why I listen and read the things coming out of the American Mind/Mindset (love the weekly podcast). BTW, I know it really isn't the same thing but...working on a masters degree in History and read a great story about Daniel Boone. The thrust of the story was about how smart Daniel Boone was. You read some of his surviving letters, etc and you see how terrible his spelling was. Ivy League-types would scoff at his backwoods ways yet, in a real American life I'd stick with a man like Boone rather than some pasty-face Ivy kid. All due respect to some of the Ivy kids on the staff at American Mind but, you know what I mean :)

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The train is moving and getting faster…

Anyone still giving these “institutions” of hate and stupidity donor money need to look at the clock and stop being the fools they count on you to be.

The NY Times LOL!!! The hedge fund universities that deliberately warp our kids. Yeah stop giving them money


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