Not sure that the label or the age is of great interest, as the label, "Conservative" has resulted in so many varied ideologies claiming the right to that title. Today it feels like the 20th century Democrats who seemed to eat their own, leaving scars that caused them to lose elections because of a lack of unity. Makes more sense to self-destruct AFTER you gain governmental control...at least that what our Founding Fathers depended upon to keep our individual liberties safe. Use any name you want, but unify on the absolute need for government to pay for itself as it goes, not hide costs to be billed to our Great-grandchildren. If that were a requirement, than no matter what your governing philosophy, the cost will govern what can be done and those in office will have to be accountable in each year and each term, instead of ignoring cost and expenditures completely no matter what their party affiliation. Stop acting like multiple Christian Religions and put of discussing or arguing schisms until AFTER you get control of Congress and the Presidency...AND BALANCE EACH AND EVERY YEAR'S BUDGET WITH MONEY TO BE COLLECTED IN THE SAME YEAR AS SPENT.

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People who are for open borders are not conservative in anyway. Doesn’t matter what organization they are part of. They only love slaves and money and hate Americans.

The open border flood is the main device of the vampiric Uniparty. This is not what might be called the left or right. It operates as an asymmetric control mechanism mostly through the power mad left and even worse the cuckold right.

Plenty of paid Uniparty influencers in all media…

Plenty of good people all over spectrum.

Don’t argue with nut jobs or leftists it’s a waste of time. You can put open border people in either category.

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