Lots of evidence that it came from a lab. Not really any that the virus was natural. Naturally created in processes they use in a lab is what they mean.

The “cave” that has been thrown around is distraction and cover for FauCHI’s virus. It could’ve been where the original virus was before they amped it up in lab.

FauCHI is not a political appointee and not partisan right? Why can’t states put a warrant out for him and arrest? Actual Doctors get arrested and charged with malpractice… I would bring him to a state and cuff him. Probably Rod Rosenstein’s sister(can’t make this up)that quit at the CDC, Messinier or however it’s spelled

0 turned on GoF 11 days before Trump inauguration.


1. Paid for virus through 3rd party EcoHealth( Is this a British company?)

2. Invested in the still experimental vaccines (Military is not mandated to take vax because it’s still experimental and don’t want VA payouts)

3. Probably monetarily invested in masks

4. Has done incalculable damage to children who th his policies

5. Lying about people needing vax when already had his virus(another indicator none of this is about safety)

6. Lying about the actual unnecessary masks(mass neurosis now)

7. Has done at this point unknown damage to the economy long term (Small Biz hammered)

8. Lied multiple times( he is not a politician)

9. His idiocy intentional or not has robbed everyone of their time. What’s that worth?

This stuff is not the cost of making policy…

So are Bureaucrats immune from fault? They can trample and destroy without any consequences? Since they can arbitrarily change policies which sounds like the actual definition of tyranny, does that make them feudal lords? What are politicians jobs then? PR for the monopolies?

How much damage do unelected bureaucrats get to do before they are stopped? Like is there a number? Or is it as long as the right people accumulate power it’s all good and screw everyone else? Like what level of incompetence or malevolence do bureaucrats get to go before something is done?

FauCHI isn’t the only person through all of this to do awful crap but he should be made an example.

Bureaucrats should not be able to lie or make money off their policies. This is an accelerant for corruption.

The centralization of DC is another problem for another day that adds to all this…

If he can’t be held to account what do we have?

One tip…Knowing where most of these people come from helps. They don’t believe in what they consider as barbaric which is “honor”. They and many others think only barbarians believe in irrational honor. People like Yellow Beret FauCHI only believe in their cliques and greed. This is a good jump off point to evaluate their character. Not absolute of course.

Bureaucrats are the new feudal lords! Kneel and obey!

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