"The response on social media, on the other hand, was more outraged and suffused with self-righteousness than anything I have ever received before—and I regularly write intentionally provocative items."

I think the key term there is "social media." Social media (needless to say) is not an accurate reflection of anything. The flak could be coming from bots, from trolls, from crazy people, from children, from tweeters for hire--you name it. I pray for the day when comments on social media will be accorded the same weight as crank phone calls before the days of caller ID.

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How many mass shooters had smoked pot within a year of their crimes? Or using daily? Going to bet most of them. Probably in combo with other drugs.

The legal sale of pot kind of looks like opioids. Ramp up the THC levels to gain a forever customer. Then like crimes, have everyone else who doesn’t use pay for damages. Forever.

Not sure we have a “Drug War”. We go to war for more drugs (Afghanistan). We enable evil in Mexico (which could be stopped). We romanticize drug use. Not sure any war is being fought.

Kids and young adults under 30 or so should never do drugs. Creates psychos.

Love does strange things. The song “El Paso” by Marty Robbins comes to mind.

Enabling drug use is not love. It’s the opposite its just abuse. More drugs to people who live in misery is not love.

Going to go with Che just loved himself and knew how to work people.

There’s a crying Republican that loves him some pot...Starts with a B. What a hero.........

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