Few people know what gnosticism is. Eating dogs ought to be forbidden. I'm coming around to the idea of laws that protect the world from human beings, because the world will here long after you and I are dead. Weren't bald eagles endangered at one time? Our national symbol. Nice. You know how people say "kill two birds with one stone"? What kind of psycho kills birds?

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Isn’t it octopodes, not octopi?

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“Snake Surprise” from Indians Jones and the Temple of Doom!

Robots, bots, and digital wraiths shouldn’t be making decisions for humans. That’s just a new tool in the tyrants toolbox. Someone programmed the bots...

Pretend leaders will want more of this. Can deflect blame on bots and platforms while pushing control. This sounds familiar...They always have our best interests first!

Americans should decide what is and isn’t obscene for Americans. The freedom to choose. Some people think field dressing a deer in ones front yard with all the neighborhood kids watching and smelling the chore as obscene and many would not. Hunting and dressing has been part of humanity for how long?

In Japan they have 7-11’s (Yes they have them) and put all their porn mags in the front window. Not Big Gulps and Japanese Baseball posters, but porn. (Haven’t been in awhile but I doubt it’s different)

In Germany they have a large hard core porno store in middle of the Frankfurt Airport (don’t know if it’s still there). I think there was like a McDonalds right near it.

Not advocating for Japan or Germany. Just examples. (I think they both have symptoms of defeated people).

Interesting topic.

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