Sir, I am no Academic graduate. However I have and do study human history in a broad spectrum. I served 22 years in the Marine Corps and Air Force. A Combat Marine in Vietnam 67-68.

The human mind (is) human behavior. The English mindset determined American mindset and paid dearly for the consequences. This produced the French Revolution. Having studied American politics since 1800 the forms of media usurped the 1st Amendment to this day. Bias is an ugly weapon. Gossip is an ugly weapon. Prejudice is an ugly weapon. Accountability is nebulous. Personal integrity is fluid.

The media is untouchable and consequently remains a weapon out of control.

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As I implied in my comment on your first essay in this series, your problem is secularism. You are describing the founders in such a way that deprives them of the Christian oxygen that allowed them follow Locke in forming their revolutionary mind. The republic our founders gave us cannot be sustained in a secular environment. You rightly argue for morals, but you cut them off from their biblical roots. You argue as all modern secularists do - that Americans do not have to agree on the source of their morals, only on the morals themselves - but experience proves that this is not tenable. When you separate the branches from the roots, the leaves do not instantly change color - but, over time, time they will inevitably turn from green to brown. Monday through Friday our secularized government is pouring carbon monoxide into school classrooms and the result, over time, is decaying morals in each succeeding generation. The societal duress we are currently experiencing is the consequence of the metastasizing of secularism in our culture. Secularism begins benignly and seemingly harmless, but it eventually turns militant. Being woke is simply a militant form of secularism. American liberty cannot survive severed from its Judeo-Christian roots. Morals must have a foundation.

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