You have excellent ideas, but I got so frustrated with the complex verbiage that I quit reading about halfway. Yes, we know you are smart. Now go read some Hemingway and learn how to write powerfully by writing simply.

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It was just found that 74000 illegal ballots was uncovered by the AZ audit. GA was also proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to have been stolen with illegal ballots. PA, MI and WI are next. Biden is an illegal occupier of the White House.

Will anything be done about this? No. Will the criminals go to jail? No.

Why? Because our gov and all of its agencies are corrupt to the core and that includes the deep state, globalist republicans.

It is time for civil war, way, way past time for civil war. If we are to have justice and a righting of our country, it must be done using the last tool our founding fathers gave us to do it with. Civil war is the only way left at this point, it is too corrupt to fix with voting which is rigged anyway.

Civil war and rivers of blood are in our near future, prepare and be ready because want it or not, like it or not, it's coming.

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His writing is well done, maybe s summary if ideas can be added for the layman. A once great Rabbi was criticized by other rabbinical scholars for his ability to simply complex concepts into words all could understand. When accused of disrespecting the scriptures. He simply said, he no one understands, no one listens. Maybe he was right. However I enjoyed the article. Food for thought.

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Of course you're right. Consider this: Cuba, South Africa, Haiti-- Coincidence? Not sure but; certainly odd

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“Those who renounce this insane project may still find some measure of forgiveness or even respect. Those who do not face an unenviable fate.”


They have no idea what they’re doing and what it has wrought.

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A well thought out article (should we expect anything less?) but it leaves some disquieting questions unasked and thus unanswered. For me the current count is two:

1. Is the motivation of this activity the accumulation of personal power; or

2. Is the motivation ideological and more than just the happy coincidence of multiple narcissistic efforts coming together to accidentally act synergistically to overwhelm any opposition.

I don't claim to know the answer. I labor under an illusion that the value of logic and reason of itself will "win the day." While this may be true over the long (whatever that is) run, it clearly is naïve and unworkable in today's America...and perhaps the entire world. The only think that feels absolutely true is that the current state of affairs can only result in the destruction of our Republic. Whether that is ultimately good or bad is a judgment well above my pay grade, although I am tempted to repeat the oft uttered phrase, "we get the government we deserve."

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The powers-that-be are frantic to get everyone jabbed before a critical mass of Americans start wondering why "unclassified" deaths soared to unprecedented levels after COVID "vaccines" were introduced in December. The CDC has yet to respond to my polite inquiries about this trend. Here is a video of how I got this data from the CDC website: https://rumble.com/vjav3j-navigating-the-cdcs-weekly-provisional-counts-of-death-website.html

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First rate article... one of the best I've read in quite some time. The Covid "masking" of America was little more than a test of their power to influence the population. The fact the mask is also a "gag" is not lost on many of us as we follow this regime's attempts to throttle back the communication of disparate ideas.

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If they have power- they do - and we comply- we do - is this not sufficient legitimacy?

Their legitimacy is they have the corner office, enough money to buy anyone for sale - and that’s most - and they have enough of the security services and the Generals (who’ll not have troops in the test I think, but that’s speculative) - and we have…

…Only words.

Poulos would be right on a logical, just planet , but its not.

When all you have are words, every problem looks like a debate. Perhaps we need Blacksmiths not wordsmiths, Blacksmiths bring hammers.

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