Thank you for a ray of hope in a seriously clouded environment!

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We need actual elites with real virtues.

We have “leaders” who are nicknamed “Cocaine”, some who think it’s ok to have tax payers pay for their unwanted sexual advances, and best of all are the “elite” who use their spouses to get rich through insider criminality. Which one of these people aren’t compromised?

A good executive might start out like this…

State Dept= Fire all ambassadors and their secretaries. Take any security clearances and ban from getting a new one ever. Get new Ambassadors that have common sense and virtues.

Mil= Fire half the Generals. Don’t replace the half fired. Take security clearances. Evaluate what classes are being taught at the Academies and the Professors that teach them. If we don’t win wars what are they teaching? CRT racism? Self-destruction?

Fire all letter agency leaders and secretaries. Then investigate, possibly arrest, and expose all who have attacked Americans. Prosecute fully on leakers and remove clearances.

Shut down border patrol who just facilitate entry of illegals and put military on borders. We will have a lot more serviceman to guard our border and stomp the cartels into dust when we leave NATO.

Would we need administrative state if most of the wide sweeping federal laws were removed off the books?

And if anyone complains that we need these people in these jobs can ask…Do we want cruel and incompetents who actively work against Americans or just a vacated position soon to be filled with cement?

These are also winning positions. Most that wouldn’t like them probably fit in the second paragraph.

Quote of the day: “I used to get things done by saying please. Now I dynamite 'em out of my path."

— Huey Long

White Pill of the Day: The days of great American men are coming!

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