No information is getting out that “they” don’t want out. The big stuff anyway.

Attacks on human existence have been going on for awhile through Western Schools and our Vampiric “elite”. Constantly extracting the value of life. See feminism, transgenderism, environmentalism, and any other anti-human existence ideologies. Those aren’t exactly grass roots…

The Emergency Use Authorized nanotechnology vaccinations for a not that dangerous to almost everyone virus might have some real population outcomes…Anyone seen the long term effects? No? How did animal trials go?

FauCHI should be removed and investigated. Claiming to be “science” itself and then behaving as a PR man for pharma or whomever has done more damage than virus. Dazsak is another…

Remember no questions on if people die with or from virus. People only die from virus not anything else or so we’re told. Cancer cured!!!

Emergency Use Authorization vaccine’s can’t cause health risks either so we’re told. The EUS is just a new acronym for normal! They’re like Wheaties for your cells! People now only die with vax and not from it! Inject kids who the virus doesn’t effect! Good idea!

Cancer only exists if you got vax but without vax people die from FauCHI- 19.

Also your an anti-vaXXXer if you question anything. Even if you have multiple vaccines in your body! Take the holy communion of the EUA vax or you will be forced to Gitmo and endless Barry Manilow forever!

Not having babies might be our least problems…

It’s great that the pharmaceutical companies aren’t liable?

Maybe all incumbents should be voted out?

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