The "corruption" is far more extensive than the "process." Not only are we watching the practice of "the end justifies the means," but even the "end" is not justifiable. More deaths have been caused by the COVID vacines than by all the vacines administered in the past 30 years; there has been such a rush for the politicians (and the politically oriented Medical people) to claim they have accomplished something that improves the health chances of the public that the usual testing requirement that prevented so many faulty medicines in the past has been tossed overboard. The Government, with medical people aiding and abetting, used fear to take control of our country's population, take away personal freedom, and (in several documented cases) increase the death rates of the elderly by forcing nursing homes to take discharged but still infectuous COVID patients into their care. THAT was criminal. Meanwhile, all this separation simply delayed the development of herd immunity. No one will speak of past serious flu seasons where deaths occurred but no lock-downs were even suggested; personal responsibility for taking care of one's health and the health of one's family used to be the norm. There was no reason for handling COVID any differently except for politicians desireing to use it as a means to disrupt the elections and get rid of the first President in more than 70 years that actually KEPT a majority of his campaign promises. The Eternal Bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., had worked to keep its elected officials, with little opposition from those officials, under control by allowing them their elite "club" that puts on a show for the "folks back home" so that those elected officials never actually have to return and live "back home" but instead retire with unexplained wealth to ...oh, Martha's Vinyard or some other such "special" place. Teddy Roosevelt would have declared Marshal Law and sent in troops to the North West states and Chicago to quell anarchy and rioting...and possibly arresting elected officials for failure to honor their oath of office and protect the citizens. Instead we have a "Baizuo" Administration eliminating personal choice and individual freedoms, allowing (and arguably encouraging) Social Media, Universities, and Journalists to censor and shut down free speech and all opposition arguments to a Leftist Indoctrination effort already in control of education, Media, and Entertainment. America is being turned into less than a 3rd World Country by the Left.

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VERY well said 👍

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All according to Communist plan. “And Not A Shot Is Fired” by Jan Kozak. The playbook. Its all there. Read it.

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"mobocratic spirit, which all must admit, is now abroad in the land." - Abe Lincoln and Harry Jaffa


The alarmist fears you've expressed here are not rational.

The reason that some homeless people are not vaccinated, is because they are CONSERVATIVES. Democrats just want to keep people as healthy as possible. Providing temporary shelter during a pandemic is not introducing the right to housing. Besides, Trump used Socialistic solutions to solve our COVID economic problems, he expanded the welfare state, and nobody turned into Commies. During a pandemic, America needs to try to keep people healthy. That's it. Your radical fears are paranoid. You are making stuff up, spreading disdain for fellow Americans. Democrats are not interested in providing permanant homes on demand, that's ridiculous. We're interested in decreasing the amount of COVID in America.

As for the rest of your article, is irony just lost on you, Seth? You said,

"Doing what you want to, establishing facts on the ground, and then letting courts and lawyers figure out the rest, is not a characteristic of a system of government run by precedent, checks and balances, and the sovereignty of the people. It is how dictators behave..." Give me a break. Your party wanted to violate the Constitution, to overthrow an election.

Conservative luminary, John Eastman, tried to add a modern, new-fangled "five or ten day delay" to the counting of the electoral votes. Talk about "doing what you want!" Conservatives wanted to change the Constitution, BY MOB. Your peers wanted to hang their own Vice President, which "is not a characteristic of a system of government run by precedent, checks and balances." Trump and his Republican dirty tricksters planned an insurrection, to violate our Constitution, in order to overthrow an election, and you are worried about the way one city is caring for their homeless population?

For proof of Trump "behaving like a Dictator," see Donoghue's notes on Trump pressuring acting AG Rosen: ‘Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me’

Anyway, it seems like you are playing upon people's worst instincts here. Your fear-mongering creates divisions. You are trying to make people mad. Please just stop spreading disinformation, and try to come up with some solutions, instead of just complaining about everything.


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Projection at the extreme.

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Considering the fbi concluded no insurrection & Trump didn't incite or plan one, that part of your argument blew out the window. I don't know anything of the housing & homelessness in NY or wherever it was. I also don't know what party afiliation any homeless people have, although I'm sure it's some of each.

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Barbara, only half of Congress concluded that they didn't want to impeach a President who was out of office. The FBI has not yet weighed in on that topic yet...you are setting yourself up for more disappointment if you think Trump is out of the woods for Jan.6th.

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