So much behavior these days reminds me of three year olds in the sandbox. Do they ever grow up?

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It’s kind of known that people from Freebeacon and Bulwark were the original funders of the Fusion GPS pee pee dossier. Fusion GPS a combo of “journalists” and alphabet department people and here to help!

The “Bulwark” a wall protecting the regime intel community, progressive nut jobs, and the economic vampire club.

Trying to conserve! Protecting their democracy!

It’s like they were designed to sap and corrode any formidable resistance to the regime. No one would ever do that!

Should thank them for the free advertising.

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On episode 376 of the remnant podcast Jonah Goldberg says “conservatives” need to purge Claremont guys because they are building an illiberal farm team for the next nationalist presidency.

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