The speaker in question is a professor of bioethics at NYU. Link: https://publichealth.nyu.edu/faculty/s-matthew-liao

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So many places to go, and so little time. As a start, I don't know who the "We" that James was speaking for, but it certainly did not include me. And the kind of forced acquiescence he was offering as an ultimate conclusion is never going to happen with the human species as it has existed since creation; we are a stiff-necked, argumentative people that always includes those who seek power over others. Imagine if Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) had existed in the 1930's and Hitler had been the owner! In that situation does anyone doubt that the entire world today would be speaking German...and STILL have conflicts over getting control over others? It is not illogical to believe that some madman will get control over EMD's and set a series of them off over the advanced countries in the world, sending them back to pre-industrial age and resulting in the death of all who cannot survive without having water, food, and civilized behavior GIVEN to them by others. Certainly that will solve the problem (if it really IS a problem) of climate change as well as any concern regarding over-population. Humans do NOT want interference with their lives, but they do want a certain level of peace. The problem is that no one has yet discovered a means of adjusting the thermostat of controlling the balance central governing with individual freedom...yet. It may not ever exist. But many human beings recognize...even if only subconsciously...that A.I. and advanced technology are just the most recent means being used to try to take control of the masses. It works...but only for so long before pent up anger leads to a resistance that ultimately destroys those holding and wanting to preserve control. Those currently appearing to be in control are actually forcing a withdrawal from public discussion of those controls by censoring and blocking the means to voice ideas and take part in how technological advancement should be used to affect our lives...there is currently no choice. Why do you think there was violence in Washington? Because words and ideas were banned by Facebook and Twitter even as they promoted lies and censored truth. Advanced technology will not make possible, much less guarantee, "terraforming the human race."

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I thought you said terrorforming. Seems about the same…

Shouldn’t be any kneeling going on.

I believe William Tell was supposed to bow to a hat on a stick and he refused. His punishment for not complying with absurdity was either him and his son to be executed or shoot an apple off his sons head… I’m pretty sure William Tell won in the end.

The guy speaking in clip appears to be “S. Matthew Liao”. Bioethics lol

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