Prior to Social Media and the Internet, the most dangerous threat to the exchange of ideas and viewpoints was presented by the possibility of government shutting down and/or censoring speech and writings, and local communities' governing bodies doing the same. That resulted on our Constitution's Bill of Rights. No one at time imagined the development of Social Media and the possibility such would provide a private person, or group of private persons owning access to Social Media would be able to censor and/or block comments, discussions or facts from reaching the vast majority of the populations...yet THAT is what has happened. The effect on one person or one web site seems minor and even in some cases desirable. But recalling the reasoning behind finding that the Westboro Baptist Church had the right to communicate (through demonstrations) their point of view rather than being shut down by police on the basis of being what then was considered "uncivilized and disrespectful," that same reasoning has even more cause to be applied to the censoring/removal of points of view by the private owners of the Social Media (actually, arguably an oxymoron) in America today. Facts as well as points of view unwelcome by those who owned access to the Social Media were blocked, removed and any follow-up access denied to those attempting to make statements. Access was blocked and then denied even to the holder of the Office of the President of the United States, clearly a politically effective way of influencing an election. AT&T was broken up. It was a private firm, albeit a monopoly. The commonality of ideology of the ownership of Facebook and Twitter alone should make every person in America, regardless of Political ideology, Race, Religion, Gender, or age, scream for this private power to be removed...immediately, and that the consideration of an independent agency operating to test and prevent censorship be given full voice.

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Full fascism. Next they will begin rounding us up.

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Wait till mid terms get closer. More bans will come.

Tweeting “Journalists should learn to code” is considered hate speech…Hilarious! Banning people for this is pretty high on the pathetic meter.

You would think that states would have some say on this censorship going on. Probably could do something productive to get control of Big Intel Tech.

Uniparty in DC all take money from them so can’t count on them.

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