Yes, yes & yes. Mr. Bahr is so right! I’m a mom and so many friends, family & complete strangers that I chat with are feeling helpless right now but have a hunger to do something as all of us feel like we are in a twisted episode of the Twilight Zone.

Most of us are paralyzed by what we see & hear on TV & our iPhones. Reckless propaganda is rampant, coming at us so fast that we are left dizzy & confused.

The left is priming us to accept their narrative or be damned.

Let’s not accept that fate—


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I read his letter. It was a good opening salvo which should bring many more. More parents need to do the same.

Fathers need to lead the way. Men are built for it even if some have forgotten or don’t realize it.

Enter the crucible with righteous fury and indignation when called upon for your family and friends!

Those days are now.

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"perhaps nothing unique on parenting has been written since the Bible" Well, yes, quite a bit has been learned in 2000 years, don't you think? Take a look at The Liberal Mind by Lyle Rossiter. It's about the interaction of politics and human development. Ninety percent of parenting is showing up and setting boundaries. Most people can't handle those two fundamentals.

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“Taking a stand means that you’ve put something on the line, that something is being risked. It means doing something right, even if it’s unpopular.” Well said!

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