Your use of the word "contempt" is very insightful. Very close in emotional content to "despise" or "despicable" (thank you Hillary Clinton, you witch, for that tag). These cognitively loaded words, which may or may not come from a place representative of coming from a person who feels, rightly or wrongly, morally superior are related to deep feeling guided by nominal ethics. Contempt and Despise are close relatives of the cognition leading to violence of one form such as (a) bloody fistfight, or another, (b) justification of total war (as an extension of politics by other means) noted by Von Clausewitz explaining the causes of war. Words have meanings and meanings have consequences.

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Who is the individual who wrote the bulletin? The letter agency is not a person. Someone wrote it…Or someone told that someone to write it.

The foreshadowing of violence is prep for the next narrative or action against Americans. No violence needed just need the perceived threat and a make believe one is just fine.

“They” might interfere with the state audits and prepping the narrative against any opposition to them getting involved or stopping them. Do people really think that what happened was legit in those 6 states at this point?

Start demonizing early.

No states should allow the Feds to interfere in the vote audits. Federalism or something right?

How many Agents were involved and probably provoking the Wrechten WHitler kidnapping plot? Or provoking the Jan 6 mostly peaceful protest against the Uniparty?

How do you get a narrative to last or be of use without some actually people?

Nobody would ever cheat in politics? Just like nobody would ever cheat to ensure power or trillions of dollars!

Cleavages and fractures either on accident or on purpose are vulnerable to “divide and conquer”.

The Great Reset is going on. It is the revolution.

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