I really hate to repeat myself...and that I need to may point to my being unable to communicate...but here goes:

Giving anything unearned is a surprise and is welcome...once. Perhaps even if done every year it is welcome. However, it the gift is money and makes the survival of the recipient possible and such survival would NOT happen if the money was not given is a problem. Over time, the "gift" becomes a sign of disrespect and created anger (sometimes conscious, but most often subconscious) That is why there is such suppressed anger that surfaces upon an emotional event in the neighborhood. Usually, the action is not the real cause for the demonstration, but the anger built up over years and that is why the demonstrations turn to looting, assaults and arson...and more. If government seriously wanted to help the poor, they would condition what we now falsely name "welfare" on accomplishment ... not "lack or need". Require proof of enrollment in and attendance at a work training program, child support on attendance records of at least 80% and on passing grades, or even on community service involvement. Then the money is not a "gift" (it is "earned") and it isn't forever (as it results in the recipient being able to find work in the private sector...a step which leads to self-respect and pride in accomplishment. Provide a "helping" hand, not focus on making the recipient's into a "dependent" hand.

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Barron appears to be incredibly naive today. A whiny, manipulative, entitled and demanding relative who has been caring on like the Black community has for the last 60 years would be finally left to their own devices.

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I am quoting below, Chris Powell, an opinion writer for the Journal Inquirer (Connecticut) regarding a recent incident in the long Democratic run city of New Haven, CT. It is clear that when children are raised in essentially parentless drug houses that they do not stand a chance if and when they ultimately go to school regardless of the color of their skin.

Excerpts from:

Connecticut must examine the causes of its social disintegration

By Chris Powell Jul 14, 2021 Updated Jul 14, 2021 8


"According to the New Haven Register, police with a search warrant broke into a house in pursuit of a man wanted for gun crime. The suspect fled through a window. Inside the house a red laser beam was pointed at the officers. It came from the gunsight of a loaded pistol held by a 2-year-old boy."

"The officers safely got the gun away from the boy. They also found a woman who lives in the house, who told them that the man they sought must have put the gun under a pillow near the boy before escaping. A search of the house discovered heroin, cocaine, and marijuana."

"Since state government policy makes Connecticut's cities concentration camps for the poor, uneducated, dysfunctional, and disturbed and enslaves the cities to the government employee unions, the cities are impossible to govern well. New Haven isn't helped by the "woke" intellectuals associated with Yale University, who, as the bullets fly around them and the city's murder rate runs two-thirds ahead of last year's, busy themselves with how city policy can avert climate change."

In my opinion the education, safety and life of a child in these environments is sadly low priority for politicians looking for more dollars. Lets take the skin color talk out of it. The problem is poverty and lack of responsible parenting. It's probably a problem as old as mankind.

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Black communities have been crushed by local and national Democrats and race baiters pretending to be religious with promises of money and vengeance against whatever…These grifters should be shunned.

More black men need to step up more. Embrace the difficulties of life and lead in a strong and noble way.

Life is tough and American men all over need to get out in front and protect their families from the insanity that’s going on.

Not going to be easy…but it can be done. Money doesn’t solve everything sometimes it’s just attitude and will to not give in.

I have no doubt the solutions are more complex then the small amount of words being said here.

Nationally, if the flow of illicit drugs and illegal immigrants were shutdown would this immediately help black communities across the nation?

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