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Mexican Drug Cartels who hang corpses off of overpasses are libertarian. They can do it and no one stops them. Peak Libertarians?

No borders means no countries. But that’s the goal?

Foreign policy should be peace through strength and what’s best for America. (Human Trafficking is not best). The current situation with our borders should be actual foreign and national security policy and not it’s current ruse. Canada and Mexico will protect us I’m sure of it!!!

Wars/conflicts should only be fought if our peace is threatened. No more blood for foreign tribal wars or to corner some market. Wars should be fought to win the war and not win battles and lose the war (more fat stacks of cash to be made).

A real Space policy for exploration. Get to Mars!!! Build it all in the USA! Maybe some economic growth from actually building something?

The anti-human movements of abortion and transgenderism are pushed by enemies who seek to weaken our culture and others who seek to benefit financially. Enemies of the US would never push this as being good?

Example, the astroturfed push for transgenders in the military. Do they make our military stronger? No. Transgenders need medical help and maybe spiritual. (Parents pushing transgender hate their children and it’s nothing but abuse). The Military’s job is to fight wars and defend our country and not abuse both the ill and the normal.

Could an industry make tons of cash experimenting on people legally, getting R&D paid for by the tax payer, and hiding results because “national security” implications? Yes. Remember they never ever experiment on our military members! That would be wrong! No new markets so why not exploit the sick!

If what we had/have is Reaganism it might be time for something new.

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