I almost stopped listening to this particular podcast 60 seconds in, because the headline is misleading and 98% of it has nothing to do with ranked voting. Additionally, referencing the Democrats in the Primary as "heavy hitters" is laughable. If you stretch that term with the unstated continuation, "...compared to others in NY politics," perhaps you can accept it, but the entire conversation glossed over the fact that New York City and New York State are failed governmental division in America because of their abandonment of protecting and serving the majority of their citizens in favor of "special interest" groups. As far as ranked choice voting is concerned, it tends to force the election of a person with less than 50% public favor into public office. The only way to defeat that is for voters to refuse to rank anyone who they would not want in office under any circumstances, which can result in limiting how many a voter ranks (If 5 run, a voter may only rank two, etc.). The conversation revealed why no business with options of location will remain in New York City; if you are law abiding, you get no support from the City government at all and exist at the mercy of violent law-breakers who gain in number and level of criminality because they suffer NO consequences. No intelligent person will move TO NYC without an exit plan because you are literally entering a war zone and need to plan ahead on how you are going to limit your time "in country." The current administrations, both city and state, have destroyed NYC for personal gain (of money, ideology, and/or power)and at least the conversation did acknowledge that even as it falsely invited the listener to imagine that there was an (unstated) solution that might save the city. There isn't.

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“Ranked Choice Voting” sounds like another bad faith voter procedure. If leftists pushed for it then it’s a guaranteed bad faith decision.

Nobody votes there anymore because it’s probably rigged like in most places and no one represents them on any kind of local level. Seems about right.

I remember when New York City was supposed to be our greatest city. I’m kind of torqued about the mess it’s in and I don’t even live there.

Need a real outsider to come in and get it right again.

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