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This seems like a Western phenomenon. An intentional one.

Machines used by man could be used for good or evil. Just a tool. A person is still responsible for its use.

Robots running automagically deciding what’s good or bad through code that an imperfect human wrote is a recipe for disaster. Could also be used as weapon against Americans. (Probably is right now and a cheap one compared to an Army. Denigration and demoralization. But nobody would do that...)

The consequences of the tools we use should be thought out. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. This decision making process happens daily I believe for normies.

Lack of leadership, guidance, and understanding. The roles usually filled by men naturally are now getting filled by human sociopaths and programmed bots. Nature doesn’t like voids and people always need leaders...

Sorry if incoherent. Getting distracted by bots...

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