I think we need to start a new country following The Constitution & Bill of Rights AS WRITTEN, a new Declaration of Independence from Marxist operatives, Chins sycophants, stupid Leftist snowflakes and be free of all the woke going broke institutions! And the swamp 3 letter clubs CIA, FBI, DOJ. (Common sense rank and file welcome anytime). Even common sense Democrats who do not support this Communist revolution. People of all colors and creeds welcome. Immigration to be vetted and done LEGALLY! Ron Desantis can be George Washington/ POTUS if so fairly voted Trump Secretary of State. Just a few thoughts. For starters.

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I think the Oregon counties breaking off into Idaho would be a good thing for everyone.

It shouldn’t be happening in just Oregon. States like NY, WA, CA, VA…which are ruled by suffocating blue mega-cities and have large swaths of let’s call them RWB (Red White and Blue) counties should be looking to realign.

The anti American rulers of the mega cities will want something in return because they will think they are doing everyone a favor if they even listen.

Can’t give them anything but some sort of clogging of arteries until they want to get with the program.

Clogged arteries can cause heart attacks…

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