As a reminder that none of should need: 1. The Founding Fathers recognized the danger of government power over the individual and did their best to put road blocks on the growth of efficiency in government that they hoped would at least slow down, if not prevent, government from morphing from "serving" the public to "controlling" the entire population; and 2, the oft repeated comment that any government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything away. And that is the case demonstrated here. The government bureaucracy tasked with our security had determined for itself that it cannot succeed with its assignment AND honor the obstacles they see originating with our Constitution so they are going to ignore those requirements. Like Hoover, they have since collected enough information on elected officials as well as regular American citizens to make any "challenge" to their efforts "go away" or else destroy any accuser. The saving grace of the Hoover matter was that his operation was personal and not organizational. The current practice(s) are endemic and deeply rooted in all operators within the alphabet communities. The practice will not go away until or unless the Republic does.

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Are any of the alphabet agencies really protecting Americans? This is yes or no.

Are they directly involved in the human trafficking of illegal immigrants and operations of drug cartels (not the ones just in Mexico)?

Do they get involved in American politics?

Do they violate the Constitutional rights of Americans?

What would happen if they shut down the meta data collection?

Why do these agencies think they can do this? Why do they think a government within a government is acceptable?

Why isn’t Congress stopping it?

Why is anyone still ok with any of this?

Big Tech is just another collection and control tool. Invented, funded, and used with its real purpose by the same alphabet agencies. Private companies hah!

Actually shutting down this clown show is another winning ticket. Once we get some winners who mean business and not the frauds and cuckolds we currently have.

Some new people need to take the reigns over the RNC and not relatives of Willard.

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