People are hating on Claremont because of it's utter failure to defend Democracy, and our Constitution. This is a big elephant in the room here, guys. Claremont proved to be plenty sesquipedalian online, but in real life, there was not a peep from Claremont about the fact that there is no "pause" in the counting of the Electoral votes. Claremont remained silent when Trump wanted the Vice President to reject the certified vote. It was crickets at Claremont when your party betrayed the Constitution so completely, and you "defenders of the Constitution" just shrugged. You guys are being called out because you still support the guy who wanted to violate the Constitution, to overthrow an election. That is shocking. Some Americans are still gobsmacked that Claremont's John Eastman thought he could add a seat-of-the-pants, modern, new-fangled "5-10 day delay or pause" to the counting of the Electoral votes!! Talk about a living Constitution! We expected the Conservative Constitutional scholars to protect the Constitution. Instead, they acted like Conservative dirty tricksters and used their vast knowledge to try to subvert the Constitution...all for a crook! So, you should expect criticism. You guys can dish it out but you can't take it. Your victimhood and delusion runs deep. Here's some more thoughts about your discussion:

*The Neo Trumpers are the only ones who are talking about excommunicating anybody...just ask Liz Chaney. That is one time when when you guys seemed Fascist, as if you hate free thought.

* Laura Fields was 100% correct. That's why you cannot defend her article. You guys have not defended even one line of her article. You pretend you didn't read it and fantasize that her kind (and their opinions) will be gone soon...great argument there, guys.

*Please don't complain about being called Fascist when Claremont publications allow Claremont luminaries to wax poetically about having another Ceasar. Give me a break. You guys were willing to violate the Constitution, for one man. It's like you are hypnotized! The Cult of Personality has blinded you, if you can't see how Trump wanted to betray the Constitution. Only Faketriots wouldn't be bothered by that.

* Claremont brings up another Civil War, weekly. They are sharpening their swords, to try to get more followers. They are actively trying to heat things up. It is obvious to the general public: You guys want revolution, instead of admitting you were wrong. The guys from Claremont would rather blow up America instead of just trying to get along. You should get called out for such radically backwards thinking. It is dangerous for respected scholars to give justifications for extremism. It makes it seem like you guys have really lost your way. It's a wonder that more Leftwing Think Tanks havn't gone after your strange, unAmerican Americanism.

* Also, Claremont sounds more Marxist everyday. It's weird. They are always talking about the ruling class, the commoners, the elite, the regime, castes, the multidiverse class, the oligarchy, etc. Most American's realize that we are all on the same team. It's called America.

Until Claremont realizes that they were asleep at the wheel, expect the critism. With due respect, Claremont Inst. can't be taken seriously until they snap out of it.

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"No one cares"??? About what? Most folks I speak with say "parties" are just over. Not the fun parties, but the political parties are, or should, be history. After all...what is with the name "party"...none of them seem to have a fun. Why not call it "Democrat Company" or "Republican Corporation"...wouldn't that be more accurate. In any event, I have never understood the hatred aimed at Trump, since he was the Brooklynese version of Reagan, lacking the smooth voice and delivery but trying to do what he promised. The anti-Trump folks seem to be those who were beneficiaries of membership in the swamp elite club and wanted ideology to stop once inside the negotiation rooms of Congress and the White House. As such, they are to be despised and shunned. The Left should take heed of the built up anger in Black communities due to continued disrespect proven by continued hand-outs. There are many more on the Right and our anger is also building and if we act as do Antifa and BLM, we WILL win. So perhaps they should reverse in part and re-institute Free speech and Individual rights. But that probably won't happen.

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Libertarians hate the Republicans more than they hate the Dummycrats. I have never had much sympathy with that crowd. I met far too many radicals, outsiders, fringe-types and fanatics with no skin in the game. But after the Dummycrat Party is destroyed, we will need a second party, and that will probably be the Libertarian party. Maybe then they will stop trying to infiltrate the Republicans with "fusionism" and other nonsense.

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