Everyone should buy a copy of Seth Barron's book. Right now.

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Border still open. Coming to a mega city near you to keep wages down and housing market up! Lots of drugs for everyone! All Philosophers and Engineers and definitely not drug dealers.

Actual violent crimes getting relabeled as misdemeanors or nothing at all (destroying property is violence). Soon people will not be victims of “ crime”.

Drug dealers and addicts make everything eclectic!!!

The “war” on cops is two fold. Feed off emotions and to replace cops with the cops they want. Like sharia-esque cops…But nah they wouldn’t do that.

Almost like drug dealers are a donor class…

Going to keep getting worse until it gets to the right people, maybe.

Solutions like ending the drug cartels, closing the border, and maybe really looking at ship containers from you know where…Can’t have that though.

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