I can understand individuals making that decision to maintain their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness elsewhere. But this is not a sustainable long term strategy for reclaiming the Republic.

The West and Northeast coastal (Blue) states contain vital military and commercial shipping ports. I cannot imagine abandoning those installations to pro-China, cash-starved Democrats whom I can see will go as far as selling our public infrastructures to the Chinese.

It's easier said than done, but as a New Yorker—who is already in the process of relocating to FL (aka Trump Country)—I'm maintaining my political base and business in NYC for the sake of those who can't move. The remnants will serve a future strategic role the way the French resistance were to the Allies in Occupied France.

The Red States of America or (Free States of America) will be the new economic powerhouse for the next decade. But we should not abandon our strategic assets and our compatriots who do not have the means to escaped the Occupied Areas.

California is not dead. It needs to be liberated.

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Matt, welcome to Texas; there are many free-breathes and non-conformist deplorables here and are working to keep the Rockefeller republicans from driving the Texas bus over the political precipice.

Look up State Rep Kye Biederman ( Fredericksburg Tx ) when you get settled or my friends at the TPPF in Austin.

All the best, and welcome

Brian Murphy

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Probably a good time to leave California.

The incoming bailout will probably keep the foreign country and investment satiated for a little while. Keeping the Transgressive’s in power.

Until that money gets low...“Climate Emergency” or “Anti-Racism Emergency” lockdowns are on the way. Masks forever and next will be gloves, or something else with limited use that can be an income stream. Permanent “Safety Dance” for all except the members of the Transgressive Party,

New emergency. Lockdown. Bailout.

More than likely install more tyrannical laws. Can see votes becoming, say “yes for Dem” or “ no for Repub”. The regime there might just start voting for people or just start counting votes from other countries as theirs. Everyone gets a vote!

Could be wrong though...

I hope I’m wrong.

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It doesn't do us any good in Texas if they move here and then vote like they did in California! Just look what is happening to Austin to see how cancerous that mindset is.

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