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American investment is going to be needed for any successful tech start up.

When I say “successful” it means you can’t take money from foreigners who hate America no matter the temptation. Otherwise it’s just another Twitter...

Our POTUS got banned and some great Americans got banned for doing what Americans do. Speak out. But Nut Job Salafists who worship actual supremacy and death are still running ops on social media. Pretty weird though right?

If social media is where all the Intel/data is gathered from what used to be in newspapers etc...Where are all bad actors going to congregate? Social media of course. How do you not let these bad actors run the show for their own plots? Probably a good idea to not let them invest.

It’s almost like an attack or something...Nah, I’ve been told by experts that everyone in the world is the same.

Never give up. Never give in.

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