If theaters didn't come back, it wouldn't be such a bad thing. It isn't just the bad content. It's the passivity that is encouraged. I was a moviegoer as a kid and young man. I'm embarrassed about it. There were reasons for all that wasted time, I guess, and some might have been innocuous. Why the need for fiction and make believe? When I see the enthusiasm for Harry Potter among adults, it's embarrassing. I guess it's OK for five year old girls to engage in magical thinking. But there might be something wrong with adults who feel the need to escape into a dark room with the fantasies of a deranged writer flashing on the screen—when there's a more entertaining, fascinating world outside that theater. More of a symptom than a pastime. She doesn't walk in beauty like the night. You can't see anything at night. So how can she be beautiful? What's wrong with daylight?

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I use to enjoy the movie theatre. Cell phones and parents bringing small children and babies to R rated movies started ruining that for me. Lots of money spent a night out for irresponsible people who aren’t family to ruin.

The Branch Covidians and ChiComs are going to polish off movie theatre’s in the US. It’s too bad. Some will say that streaming is to blame. This is partially true.

Watched a couple good movies lately “The Cain Mutiny” and “Pain and Gain”. Completely different types of movies but both good. Watched at home of course.

I use to enjoy baseball. The ceremony, geometry, players, stats, humor, drama, and tragedy. The most exciting entertainment event I saw live was WS Game 1 KC vs NYM. But MLB thinks we care about what the players,union, and owners views on voting or their personal blurry eyed views of politics. Big mistake. But thanks to deals with China they like the NBA can go there. Maybe just play baseball? They want to get into politics they should get treated as such.

The steroid scandal in baseball was also another event that showed the corrosiveness of our culture. Lying on TV, politicians getting involved for show, more lying. They did the opposite of what they claimed to be. For a long time.

Maybe baseball can come back later in non tax payer funded stadiums with less moronic leadership?

Add Branch Covidian status to MLB as well.

Weird how our entertainment gets co-opted by China? Maybe the ChiComs will love liberty next? Lol!!!

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