I always think of Terry Schiavo whenever this gets brought up.

Machines kept her body alive for like 10 or 15 years. Could she have or ever been herself or a functioning woman again? Her parents wouldn’t take her off the machines if I remember correctly. Could probably add the legal system to the extension of the machines keeping her alive.

I also think of horses with broken legs and “Johnny’s got his Gun” (The “One” video for the unfamiliar)

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This is appropriate take in post-modern America (or The Post American Mind?). All three make the case of easy "sweet killing" from the Greek etymology. Greece was not Christian and nor are the soft reasons of the authors who appear all so receptive to the idea of ending suffering (by an act of killing no less).

We are truly living in a post-rational and post-Christian world where human dignity is a lost concept. The end result is this world without objective moral norms.

Reasonableness and political solutions will not save a society from itself.

Western Civilization was born at Passover and continued through to Easter and to the Western world today in the values of life, order, law, reason, religion, dignity. Is it by chance that on the day that we celebrate the Christ who suffered horribly and gave his life for others that we have an article denigrating the human condition and advocating sweet killing to end human suffering? Easter teaches suffering has meaning and death has no sting.

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