That quote by Matt Peterson is a perfect example of how profoundly anti-American The American Mind and conservatives in general have become today.

It's true that we are moving towards disaster but this is precisely because the only thing on offer in the mainstream is either the secular collectivism of progressives or the religious collectivism of conservatives.

Both are enemies of America and Western Civilization in general. But at least progressives aren't so totally unaware of what their own positions are.

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There are no simple answers to big questions.

That being said, I have recently been observing that there is little notice being given to the concept of “building”, but rather an overwhelming amount of attention being given to “tearing down”.

Building is based on seeking, finding, and utilizing the new, unique, and good, based on the foundation of eternal Truth. To accomplish this requires an understand and appreciation of that Truth.

Tearing down is based solely on bitterness, covetousness, and resentment; it seeks to reduce the hero to the level of the hater in order to appease his rancor.

We need to celebrate and encourage the builder rather than the destroyer.

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I think we should get our proverbial house (USA) in order and our version of humanity.

I think these are all great thoughts. Professional Prognosticators making a bunch of money right or wrong making a bunch of money is probably a truth lol.

Responsibility is a huge deal. Many people are afraid of failure, losing face, admitting they’re wrong, etc... Everyone knows “stuff happens” but few want to face it. In our current parallel bizzarro world of images, image is everything for some. This is where our public “leaders” live and a main disconnect with many.

I think I heard or read from a smart guy once that they’re are 3 big influencers/motivators in life. I believe fear, honor, and common cause? Many are in the fear circle. People driven by or pushing fear on others seems common and probably why no one wants to be responsible.

We all make mistakes. Some bigger than others but mistakes all the same. I have made what might be called a “ton” of them. This might be normal? What’s not normal is the pretending they don’t happen.

Big question and responses.

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