I live in Princeton, NJ and am therefore surrounded by vocal lefties who are constantly uttering the most inane things about politics and current events. My usual response is not to jum p in and enter the fray because I've seen too often that it leads, not to reasoned discussion, but to railing, screaming and ad hominem attacks. But, every once in a while, one of these lefties will make the mistake of asking, "Don't you agree?" I have never been able to resist responding "No, absolutely not.", which can sometimes lead to a fairly reasonable conversation and sometimes to the other person simply walking away.

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Growing up in Queens, NY or Newark, NJ may lead one to just come out and give their 2 cents on whatever, whenever. Some people in other parts of the country are aghast at such boorish behavior. Yet it still works to this day that people in a tightly packed locale need to let it fly. Hence, " suck it up cupcake".

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When people will throw away their country for their own POWER, it is time to tell the whole truth--not just their truth! Really just truth must be told! America is on the road to not-America!

If that offends you, YOU are part of the problem!

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“Roadhouse” is great. Another movie that causes the eyes to be glued to the screen is “The Man Who Would be King” (Sean Connery and Michael Caine). Based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling. Amazing movie.

But on offending someone...

Can influence others but can’t control their offenses. Neurotic to think someone can.

Both verbal and written communication is something that all can do but some make it an art.

Honesty is usually best. Even if it stings. Feelings can get hurt. Maybe some should grow up? Want respect? Being honest is a component. May not gain friends but if they get the hurt feelings maybe they aren’t needed as a friend?

Sycophants are really gross and motives should be questioned. Tap dancing and telling people what they want to hear...

There’s a time for politeness and there’s a time to say what needs to be said in a way the receiver of the communication understands...This doesn’t always involve nice words.

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Insult only when in defense of truth and freedom and only if the offended party is too stupid to face facts and/or reason.

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