Robots and computers are tools to be used. They don’t/can’t have a soul nor empathy, nor can they do irrational unpredictable things. They canalways break though. Preprogrammed responses from machines are not consciousness.

Amoral or immoral people trying to be God by giving a tool human mannerisms is demented. Why? Because they can? There’s lots of people who could do many terrible things but chose not to do them instead. Not sure how this is different.

Using tools to replace humans is literally the end. Tools are not people, tools are not “slaves”, tools have a purpose and it’s to hammer nails or apparently stoke weird fantasies.

New tools should be thought through before they are created.

For some reason this post made me think of the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy. Don’t know maybe my simulation needs corrected with a BFH. Lol

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You, Spencer especially, put into words why I was so repulsed when watching the "Beyond Death" episode of "The Story of God" with Morgan Freeman (see the section that starts at 37:56): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZORPVmXN7k

"Abominations and aberrations" are the perfect words to sum up the horror of these talking heads. My son's middle school teacher recommended the series and we watched some of it as a family. I had such a visceral reaction to that scene, I couldn't watch the rest of the series.

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Has anyone here read “Alexandria” by Kingsnorth? Relevant to this conversation.....I think I’d rather just reject it all and live a dirty organic life of prayer, pursuing theosis with my very fleshy husband and children in some quiet wooded corner of the world.

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Dear Seth, actually, pre-dating The Matrix by a few hundred years, Bishop Berkeley posited that all of our reality exists only in the mind of God, which is a distinction without a difference, and, like Elon Musk's supposition, also cannot be readily proven true or untrue.

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