I agree with Jake Gannon's assessment and the need to "pick up the sword." But Conservatives have failed the Nation up to now by sitting on their fat backsides and allowing the feckless GOP to front (not fight) for them. I propose a broader movement of American Patriots who were awakened by Trump, who believe in the promise of America and the genius of our Founding, and who are willing to work to pass the America culture on to their grandchildren. Fritz, fjmehr@usa.net

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"few in Conservative Inc. understand that the election just proved that “Trumpism” is the new winner on the Right, as even Andrew Sullivan wrote recently. And even if they do understand that, they do not understand the changes in policy and party that Trump pointed us toward."

Yes, but I suspect Trump supporters don't understand the full meaning of this either.

That is, if "Trumpism is the new winner on the Right" then they have just become the Old Left.

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I think that the question is: “Should the GOP just be abandoned and replaced with something else?”

I’ll certainly never vote for another Republican based upon the GOP’s showing over the last 50 years.

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