Might finally get around to reading A Conflict of Visions this fall. Thanks for the reminder, Jake.

Reread The Crucible and finally finished The Devils of Loudun. Relevant since we seem to be entering the next phase of proscription, complete with demoniac performances begging for public exorcism.

I do wish that Huxley had an editor with a heavier hand. Some of his tangents are tedious.

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Daniel Boorstin, The Image

Richard Brookhiser, Give Me Liberty

David Horowitz, The Black Book of the American Left

Ian Kershaw, Hitler

Sal Khan, The One World Schoolhouse

John Lukacs, The Hitler of History

David McCullough, John Adams

David McCullough, The Pioneers

Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie

William Rehnquist, Centennial Crisis

Lyle Rossiter, The Liberal Mind

Peter Schultz, How to Get into the Real Game of Politics

Lee Smith, The Permanent Coup

Robert Spencer, Rating America's Presidents

Shelby Steele, White Guilt

Donald Trump, Art of the Deal

Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep

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