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If everyone looked the same it would be pretty boring. There would be no ugly but no beautiful either. Just a meat popsicle doing what whomever is in charge says to do. Ant farm.

Ending all individual characteristics of thought and looks is again more attempts to subjugate.

The people who push this really mean to push it on everyone else but themselves.

The painting of Michael slaying the devil by Raphael is amazing. The statue of Michael in front of the Lutheran Church in Hamburg, GE is also amazing. Probably not as great if the hero in this art had multiple eyes and six wings lol. They are better than memes.

I saw a sculpture of a demon recently in a modern art store and a painting of one. The sculpture was a nitemarish monster and the painting a scantily clad woman but still grotesque. This was a real trendy type art store filled with ugly monstrosities ran by an equally ugly individual. The vibe inside was not a good one.

I think I learned once beauty comes from within…

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