I vote for Spencer's version!

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Any sort of founding or refounding will need leaders and the one leader.

I have been part of foundings and refoundings, in work and not country creation of course lol.

It all comes down to who is calling the shots. The “why” must be explained and understood by the audience. The goals, obstacles, and effectiveness of communications were always the key. Of course the people performing must perform!

Sometimes new structures were built, sometimes corroded structures cleaned up and buffed, sometimes structures were just torn down and everything was better without it. Sometimes a structure could be built with expensive whatever and the end result could run and look like the worst homeless incampment with good metrics!

Stuff is going to happen...Hysterics and panic will cause fractures.

Going to have opposing and adversarial forces that will need to be handled in best manner possible! If the people doing the best work get fed to the wolves it’s going to be a wreck!

Everything new must have integrity or it won’t last very long! Take that for what you will! People stuff, machines, products...

Challenges are great!

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