Look past male/female. Is the Spears case a metaphor for what's going on in the rest of the country? A microcosm? Let's stretch a little more. Why was this a good time to have movies about Marvel superheroes? Or popular books and movies about dystopias? Or the Lord of the Rings? Or, for that matter, another version of A Star Is Born? Or Diana West's American Betrayal? Or new editions of Solzhenitsyn?

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I invite all civil “libertarians” to the various homeless camps in the NW or CA. All the self loathing elected officials as well should go visit. Go by themselves and get the full effect. Dens of insanity and savagery.

Asylums should be brought back and not ran by the State. Not for profit and no testing. I’m thinking the Catholic or Jewish communities are up for this.

I’m sure drugs have nothing to do with all the mentally ill…

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