Meghan and Harry are non news. The world today is full of enough heart wrenching horror, we do not need to ponder how poor lil half black actress Meghan was treated by the royals. And Oprah is just as pathetic.

And good luck Meghan on your rumored run for President? If you think the royals were bad!

Just saying.....enough is enough.

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Couple things...

Britain our oldest ally and oldest enemy.

Christopher Steele born in Yemen.

From what I can tell Harry not much of a man. He’s more like a work that starts with a c and ends with a k.

5 eyes probably should be reevaluated and maybe ended.

TV and news interviews are sometimes for people not part of what everyone thinks is the target audience. Open source stuff...

Is Britain a free country anymore?

Haven’t British accents changed?

Coolest thing I’ve seen from Britain in awhile is an old movie “The Man Who Would be King” or is this really just Hollywood?

Lamest is Harry and Maegan trying to make political connections in the US.

Weird how Britain goes...it all ends up here

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Why would any American care about this subject?

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