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“Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs”

I think that’s how it goes lol.

Sharpening toothbrushes and paper mache shivs in newsrooms...

Maybe if they had some leadership and goals? Some healthy spirited newsrooms would be good for everyone. I don’t believe that’s what we have...

Going alone can be respected. Some cases necessary. But there’s nothing like being on a small team who wins in whatever form that win is. Guessing this applies to commercial writing like most other things. Could be wrong though.

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It's amusing to hear the word "talent" in the context of journalism. I remember a sign in the newsroom of a large university which said, "It's journalism, it's not rocket science". 'Nuff said. Remember those C and D students in school? The ones who were proud to be dumb? The ones who seethed when you raised your hand. That's who goes into journalism. Even worse, there isn't much real journalism going on today. Well, there's Natalie Winters. As in other professions in America, people are pretending, doing it half-assed. They don't want to work any more than the Supreme Court justices want to work. I strongly support Substack. Maybe if you dig through it, you can find someone with half a brain.

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