I refuse to laugh like Kamala though.

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Changing a key or keys on friends keyboards is always fun.

If a friend has a ceiling fan can line the top part of the blades with glitter. Good for some laughs when it gets turned on.

Shoe polish on headphones or desk phones. Fun times.

Having newbs run around with a trash bag grabbing air for environmental sampling is great.

Taking on the persona of the Macho Man Randy Savage for an entire workday is epic.

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I'm ambivalent about this one. Although I have always enjoyed humor and have always been known as a humorous person, I recall something from Erasmus about taking seriously things seriously. I found this from him: "Nothing is so serious as treating serious subjects in a trivial manner.” This runs counter to hardwired American optimism that says everything will work out in the end, a view that strikes me as air-headed and practically useless. I don't look to political magazines like American Mindset for advice about life. I look to it for informed views about current political events. I don't know if it's the arrival of summer or what, but at this moment when right-wing writers need to step up their game, they seem to be relaxing instead. I can tell you with certainty that your enemies are not on summer vacation. You know there's talk of a new Nuremberg trial. Is that funny? I like to have fun, but I know it's not the primary purpose of life.

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