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It’s almost like a new Confederacy...The Confederate Corporations of America.

Corrupting all.

What do we want to be as a people?

It’s in Big Biz interest to control everything. Crush competition and all even if it’s your literal neighbor. Must grow! Grow! Grow! Just think ours are ran by large swaths of foreigners who just might not like Americans.

I’m pretty sure the Vax passport will limit ones ability to trade or travel...Unless you do what they say then can be blessed! Afterwards we can all fly up the carousel.

Sounds like some people want to get voted in and do nothing when they get voted in? Or do the exact opposite of why people voted for them? This is galaxy brain behavior. Peak leadership!!!!!!! Maybe to goal is to get them in to do nothing...

Some “Liberalatarians” have the exact same goals as the self loathing leftist that they say are wrong. Weird...Stuff like drugs(poison) are cool, no borders(no countries), cheap labor (slaves), and definitely no government intervention unless it’s on people they don’t like. All cool because like GDP and growth and stuff...

As they say in the New San Angeles Confederacy...”Be Well” and learn the three sea shells.

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